Ten Years Thames Whale

Lewis Henderson and Liam Geary Baulch organised a Memorial March for the Tenth Anniversary of the death of the Thames Whale. The event was contributed to by many in the form of placards, performance, speeches, songs, puppets and people. The event was mentioned by TV, Radio and Newspapers. The memory of an important news personality, Londoner, and Northern Bottlenose; the Thames Whale (Diana, Princess of Whales), and the Londoners that came together in support of her and nature, lives on.
Special thanks to: Bob and Roberta Smith, The Whale Song Orchestra, Lizi Watts, Nick Harris, Charles Verni, Hattie Godfrey, Jack Bodimeade, Fiona McAullife, Emma Northcott, Emily Woolley, Rhoda Boateng, Bridie Tyler, John Graham, Clive Baulch, Leo Taylor, Holly Hunter and many others who helped make the march possible.
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