Sea Squad

Performing in La Biennale de Sculpture, Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, Quebec, July 2016, Jeremy Laffon
Sea Squad at Visions in the Nunnery performance festival, October 2016, Orlando Myxx
I am the Sea You’re Surrounded by Me, Performance Lecture at ONCA gallery, Brighton, April 2016

“The sea is a mass. A network of molecules which move together. Mass = Volume x Density. The seas density is affected by temperature and salinity, therefore as the planet warms the mass of the sea increases. The masses are rising.

Unlike many species, Humans have the ability to change within one lifetime. Some will adapt as the sea levels rise. Will we wait for the rising of the masses, or the rising of the sea levels before we act.” From draft essay on cheerleading against climate change.

The Sea can be seen as a Cheerleading Squad, and Cheerleaders could give the Sea a voice around climate change, colonialism and capitalism. The Sea Squad, cheerleading against climate change, is open to all to join and can be followed at